Indian Rare Deep Kurly
Indian Rare Deep Kurly
Indian Rare Deep Kurly

Indian Rare Deep Kurly

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Irresistible Collection

Kurlicious Irresistible Collection  is 100% Raw Unprocessed South Indian Hair. It is Authentic and Sourced Ethically Directly From Southern India. All cuticles on each hair strand has been preserved, and kept in alignment. This protects the integrity of the hair, and eliminates matting. Each bundle is sourced from a single donor, which provides the purest form of any hair enhancements.

Our Raw Indian Deep Kurly has a feathery feel, but provides marvelous volume! With each bundle, you will have organically formed medium sized ringlets throughout each bundle. It is amazing when you see the curls in action! They are bouncy, and irresistible to say the lest!

Raw South Indian hair is marveled as the healthiest hair on the market, as women from southern Indian use only organic products, with no dying or processing. This creates healthy hair strands that increases longevity and durability.

All hair within our Irresistible Indian Collection is the most versatile, and best collection for colouring! The ability to blend seamlessly with a wide range of hair textures in a variety of styles is remarkable!

Our Raw Indian Deep Kurly is voluminous when combed/brushed, but transforms into beautiful natural curly look with styling products. With or without products, your curls will be noticeable, stunning, and irresistible!

  • Colour:  Natural Light Brown/Black. As the sun in Indian is prominent, natural dying occurs. This may provide your bundle with unique highlighted strands. All of which adds to the beauty, and definition!
  • Hair Strand: Medium Fine
  • Weft: Doubled. Flat.
  • Luster: Low-Medium. You will find our Raw Indian Deep Kurly luster will depend on coarseness of donor hair.
  • Weight: 3.2- 4oz
  • Best Hair Match: 2C-3B Medium coarse. Our Raw Indian Rare Deep Kurly blends beautifully in it's natural state without products, combed/ brushed state, and defined with recommended products.
    • To ensure shedding is minimal, comb/detangle during co-washing phase when hair is fully saturated. Comb/detangle from tips(bottom), slowing working upwards to the roots(top). Using detangling comb, then brush. Prevent shedding by NOT cutting wefts during wig making or installs.
  • Maintenance: Medium to High. Our  Raw Indian Deep Kurly, as all natural curly hair, will need measures to increase and maintain moisture on a regular basis.

  • Longevity: 4+ years with appropriate care.

  • Styling: Bleach, colour, cut & Flat Iron as desired. Please note, any chemical processing done to your hair CAN result in a relaxed curl pattern if damage occurs. We recommend all processing to be completed by a licensed professional. All heat styling requires heat protection serum or spray.

Sew-ins: 2-3 bundles are sufficient in lengths under 18 inches. 3-4 bundles required for longer lengths. Same is suggested when closure/frontal purchased.

Wigs: Suggestions remain the same with U-part, closure, and frontal wigs.

*We do not recommend layering shorter lengths with longer lengths when purchasing Rare Deep Kurly. The shorter the curl, the more it shrinks. Best to purchase same length bundles and matching closure*

Please note, price listed above is for one bundle of hair, each ranging within  selected 2'' length. As each bundle is single donor, no two bundles bundles are identical. We highly recommend purchasing bundles together to provide best possible compliment.

Kurlicious Hair is prepared as ordered to ensure highest quality possible. Please review our policies. Thank you in advance!