Raw Hair Care 101: What To Expect!

What to Expect When Buying Raw Hair!

Raw hair as you know is unprocessed and cut from a single donor. These donors typically reside in countries such as India, and other south east Asian Countries. Donors within these countries experience extreme sun exposure, and typically less routine trimming/cutting of ends. Hair care routines that are typical of most western countries may not exist or be as prevalent. This may create hair extensions with split or drier ends. All of which is normal.

You can use light oil such as coconut or argon oil (in a serum form) on your hair, focusing mostly on the ends.

If the ends are a true side-thorn, a quick trim will do the job!

But just remember, if you do not treat your raw hair with care and moisturize regularly, you can create split ends!


Why Does My Raw Hair Get "Poofy"?

Raw Hair is 100% Human hair, and will react as such. When exposed to elements such as humidity, your hair will swell due to increased moisture intake from the air. This creates a frizz and increased volume once dried.

The voluminous look is absolutely beautiful, and is gives the most natural blend without styling. BUT if you prefer tamed hair, then using the appropriate lightweight products create the look you are after!

Using a liquid leave-in conditioner, followed by an anti-frizz serum will help to reduce and/or eliminate the unwanted frizz, tame and give you shine!