Raw Hair Care 101: What is Raw Hair?

What is " Raw Hair"? 

Hair that is unprocessed, not chemically treated or silicone coated is categorized as raw hair. Authentic raw hair has all cuticles intact,with all hair strands running in the same direction. By ensuring this, matting of the hair during wear is prevented. While donors donate or sell their hair, it is cut into a ponytail to further ensure all hair is aligned in the same direction. This collected hair remains in ponytail format until cleaning, and wefting can be completed.

Because raw hair is cut directly from a single donor, the textures vary from bundle to bundle. The variety and possibilities of textures, levels of coarseness, curl/wave patterns, grains and lengths are endless!

Where Is Raw Hair Sourced?

Raw hair can be sourced from many countries around the world. Most common countries are India, Vietnam, and Cambodia. Many other countries are within the Raw hair realm, but noted above are most easily accessible. 

The collection step of the raw hair journey occurs at temples, small villages, or small  towns where donors are reimbursed. Regardless of the place of collection, all hair is collected in ponytail fashion to ensure strands are all aligned in the same direction.

How Does It Become My Extensions?

Once hair has been sourced, it is cleansed thoroughly and inspected. Weaing/wefting is then completed by machine. Wefting in a simple explanation is the process of sewing machines sewing horizontally as single strands of hair lay vertically. This processes is repeated several times creating a firm matrix of crossing over threading to secure hair in place. This repeated weaving process prevents hair from shedding or fall out while in use.

As a means of reinforcement, many companies include an adhesive step to increased strength and stability of wefts. Strong reinforced wefts are best for cutting, and daily wear as they can withstand the repeated combing/brushing, and de-tangling.