Adore Crystal Clear and Your Hair!

Is your raw hair missing a little something… maybe you wanted to add a bit more shine?… Or maybe all of your attempts at rehydrating your hair has failed… 

Well, we have a solution for you! After completing several tests on all of our hair collections, we’ve found that using a Adores “Crystal Clear” will revive your hair instantly!

And yes, it’s safe to use even when you have colour treated your extensions(great right?!) 

Through research, we’ve found “Adore-Crystal Clear” is a great way to revive chronically dry raw  hair extensions. (Pictured below you will find the exact product.)Be sure to follow the instructions on the label for best results and/or have the service completed by a licensed professional. 

When treating frontals or closures, be sure to treat the hair and carefully protect your lace! 

We recommend this treatment as it is semi-permanent and will be very gentle on your raw hair extensions. 

As raw hair presents with various levels of moisture needs, we discovered this to be extremely helpful in curtailing those drier ends… 

We recommend giving this treatment a try before resorting to the shears!