Raw Hair Care 101: How to Wash Your Hair!

Where Do I Start?

Raw Hair is the purest hair on the market as it is sourced directly from a single donor. As such, you must treat is as you do your own. Washing, moisturizing, and protecting!

Below you will find very simple steps to help you  washing your raw hair.

The Washing/Drying Process:

Be gentle when combing, washing and styling. Start by using lukewarm- to very warm water to open cuticles on your hair. Once you have the perfect temp, do the following:

1. Holding hair by wefted ends, fully saturate each strand of hair. If using a container, fully submerge hair until hair is fully saturated. Never rub hair together, or roll into a ball!

2. Add small amounts of  clarifying shampoo, gently washing from the ends of the hair moving up(no rubbing). Only shampoo as needed when there is product build-up. (Shampoo increases drying)

3. Using lukewarm water, fully rinse hair until all shampoo has gone from your hair. This will be indicated by clear, non-suddy water.

4. Using ample conditioner, completely coat your hair. You may choose to de-tangle using de-tangling comb or brush at this point. Start at the bottom, gently combing/brushing upwards until all hair is de-tangled. Let the conditioner stay on your hair for 5-15 minutes.

5. Thoroughly rinse conditioner out of hair, gently squeeze excess water out and place on a towel. Do not rub, or pat dry.

6. While hair is still damp, spray leave-in conditioner. Use ONLY A comb/brush to evenly distribute. Add a light curl cream to your hair(optional).

7. Air dry your hair for best results. For reduced volume, DO NOT DISTURB hair while its drying! If you comb or run fingers through, the volume will increase x2.

8.Once your hair is dry, you may use small amounts of anti-fizz(optional) to prevent increased frizz. Focus on the ends.