Raw Hair Care 101: " Bombshell Burmese Collection" -Specific Hair Care Guide


Burmese hair is highly textured hair due to having thicker/coarse hair strands. This means, it will respond best to products designed for heavily textured hair that. This collection will required a bit higher maintenance as it will require more hydration(especially in curly state).

Below you will find easily accessible products to help you care for your hair Burmese hair at home! 

Below are some of our favourites that will work best for ALL textures within our "Bombshell Burmese Collection". 

IF you are unable to locate any of our faves, please stick to our general outlines to best care for your hair! 


Quick Washing Steps 

STEP 1: Choose 1 of the shampoos- WASH

STEP 2: Choose 1 of the conditioners - CONDITION for 10-30 mins

STEP 3: Rinse until clear -REMOVE EXCESS WATER 

STEP 4: Apply - LEAVE-IN then Serum



What shampoo should I use and when? 

Choose a MOISTURIZING/HYDRATING shampoo if you need a quick wash. 

Choose a CLARIFYING/DEEP CLEANSING shampoo to remove heavy product build-up; OR if your hair just isn't "feeling the best".

Once you have chosen your shampoo, you are ready to start!


Our Faves

Hydration (Select One!)


Clarifying (Select One)

Clarifying  Clarifying




What conditioner should I use and when? 

Conditioner is MANDATORY following shampooing!! This will replenish moisture that was striped during the washing process.

Conditioner can be used alone when your hair just needs a quick boost! Aka a "CO-WASH".  

Be sure to leave your conditioner on your hair for minimum of 20-30 minutes!

Our Faves






Should I use a leave-in?

ALWAYS! The leave-in conditioner will provide additional moisture and hydration.

As tighter curls tend to need additional support, choosing a leave-in conditioner that has a built-in detangling properties will be highly beneficial. 

Leave-ins for this collection can be any consistency.

Ensure to apply leave-in on damp/wet hair.


Our Faves

leave-in and detangler   



When do I use a serum/frizz tamer ?

We recommend using anti-frizz serum and/or cream to help seal in moisture and reduce frizzing while drying. Apply on damp hair after leave-in.

The amount per bundle will depend on the hair length& tightness of curls. Apply creams in your hand, rub together FIRST then apply to your hair. 

We also recommend using an anti-frizz as needed when hair is dry, or after spritzing hair lightly with warm water.

** Leave hair to dry completely without touching... unless you're looking for an extremely voluminous style!!**


Our Faves

frizz tamer Anti-frizz


Detailed Washing Guide

Be gentle when combing, washing and styling. Start by using lukewarm- to very warm water to open cuticles on your hair. Once you have the perfect temp, do the following:

1. Detangle hair. Holding hair by wefted ends, fully saturate each strand of hair with water.  If using a container, fully submerge hair until hair is fully saturated. Never rub hair together, or roll into a ball!

2. Add small amounts of  shampoo, gently washing from the ends of the hair moving up(no rubbing). Only shampoo as needed when there is product build-up. (Shampoo increases drying)

3. Using lukewarm water, fully rinse hair until all shampoo has gone from your hair. This will be indicated by clear, non-suddy water.

4. Using ample conditioner, completely coat your hair. You may choose to de-tangle using de-tangling comb or brush at this point. Start at the bottom, gently combing/brushing upwards until all hair is de-tangled. Let the conditioner stay on your hair for 5-15 minutes.

5. Thoroughly rinse conditioner out of hair, gently squeeze excess water out and place on a towel. Do not rub, or pat dry.

6. While hair is still damp, spray leave-in conditioner. Use ONLY A comb/brush to evenly distribute. 

7. Air dry your hair for best results. For reduced volume, DO NOT DISTURB hair while its drying! If you comb or run fingers through, the volume will increase x2.

8. Once your hair is dry, you may use small amounts of anti-fizz(optional) to prevent increased frizz. Focus on the ends.