Raw Hair Care 101: Heat Styling


Heat Styling For All Collections 

Let's get down to it! Using heat protection is a step in styling that should NEVER be skipped! I mean you just made a large investment... wouldn't you want to protect it??... Thats what we thought!

When should you use heat protection? 

There are two separate occasions which we like to encourage.

The first is when your hair is damp, and as a final layer prior to blow drying. Some leave-in conditioners have heat protection built in them, which is great! 

But If not, apply your heat protection after your leave-in then blow-dry! 


The second and quite frankly the most important is prior to using higher caliber styling tools... Flat irons, curling irons, crimpers, wavers and marcel irons! 

These heavy duty tools require heavy duty protection! Typically these will require heat protection that can withstand up to 450 degrees(label would indicate).


Below are a few of our faves to help provide protection while curling, crimping and the works! 



 (Select One)



Use while hair is DAMP, then blow-dry!


General Rules 

1. Ensure excess water is removed prior to blow-drying. Ensure hair is completely dry prior to using additional styling tools.

2. Apply heavy duty heat protection section by section immediately prior to using flat irons, curling irons etc.

3.  Make sure curly/wavy hair is blow-dried straight prior to heavy heat styling.

4.  Always ensure you are using heat tool heat level recommendations suitable for your natural hair, and hair extension 

5. Curls: Use your finishing or holding spray after curling. Let your curls cool before combing out for longer lasting results.